Local information:

Location of the building: Korte Noorderweg 32, 1221 NB Hilversum

Contact Hilversum City Hall: https://hilversum.nl/contact/afspraak-maken-stadskantoor#select/

Hospital doctor’s office emergency department: http://www.spoedzorghilversum.nl/

Emergency number (police/fire department/Ambulance): 112

Police (no emergency): 0900-8844

Laundery: http://www.iziwashit.nl/ & The Wash Club

For waste : https://inzamelkalender.gad.nl/afvalwijzer (open with chrome to translate)

2nd website with other info about waste : https://inzamelkalender.gad.nl/ location info: postcode:1221nb huisnummer: 32 and there is all the info over local waste and how to deal with it.

Detailed places for waste disposal : https://inzamelkalender.gad.nl/waar

For Students:

information about public transportation and OV chipkaart, fundings and finance can you find on the DUO(Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs) website: https://duo.nl/particulier/international-visitor/